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Warehouse complex «RemTochStanok»
Novo-Tkatskaya Fabrika
Warehouse complex «Novo-Tkatskaya Fabrika»
Warehouse complex «GS-Park»
Warehouse complex «Moskvich»
Na Entuziastov
Warehouse complex «Na Entuziastov»
Setun' ALG
Warehouse complex «Setun' ALG»
Today we have  m2 of vacant storage space

Unusual building of the world

Taipei 101 — until recently, this skyscraper was considered to be the tallest building in the world (101 stories high, and 509.2 meters tall). The elevators in this building are fastest in the world, they ascend with the speed of 63km/h. It takes 39 seconds to getground level to the look-out point on the 89th floor. The cost of the project was $1.7bil. Situated in Taipei, Taiwan.